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Hidden in the way - Aisthesis of Pareidolia

 Para desenhos e pinturas clique aqui Para comprar a versão em português acesse: Hidden in the way - Aisthesis of Pareidolia. Fortaleza, CE - 2021 Pre-sale of the english version here: Sinopse Like someone telling a story, Dan Pelegrin presents various configurations for the term "pareidolia", from the viewpoint of several artists, scientists, psychologists, Latin American and Oriental native peoples, among others. Dan adds unique meanings and configurations to the term, presenting visual fabulations that conjugate nature, time, and chance. He also revives memories by producing, collecting, and articulating images of the places where he lived. Pelegrin plays with the history and the nature of representation through pareidolia and, with Leonardo da Vinci and several other artists, links this activity, this way of looking, to artistic invention. Professor Pamela Merrill Brekka, who writes the book's introduction, mentions that Dan's photographs, drawings and paintings o