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Sebá - 2024 "Sebá" brings together a series of digitally manipulated photographs produced by Dan Pelegrin during his walks along the shore of São Sebastião, on the north coast of São Paulo. Mixing photography and digital art, Dan's images invite us to see a landscape presented by the characters that occupy and frequent it, figures that multiply and infinify themselves by taking over the image, or, on the contrary, diminish in contrast to the rocks and reliefs of the beach. Through the artist's lens and editions, Sebá reveals the amenities and disparities between these characters who come onto the scene in São Sebastião, opening up ways for us to perceive flows and counterflows that draw the line of the beach as a space of contact and tension between different social realities. Sebá thus invites us to do as Otávio did, the only photograph in the exhibition that has not been digitally manipulated: to look once again at these landscapes and scenes that juxtapose nature a