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Hidden in the way - Book

Sale of the english version here: Para comprar a versão em português acesse: Sinopse Through interdisciplinary and intercultural agenciements, the book proposes to sensitize the gaze, sharpening the imagination, confronting fears, and inventing worlds. They are photographs, paintings, infographics, drawings, sculptures, objects and collages related to the research I call aisthesis of pareidolia. I consider pareidolia to be an attribute of human sensitivity, it is also a psychological phenomenon that allows us to find meaning in random stimuli. We all have the possibility of experiencing pareidolia, because we are sensitive beings with the primordial capacity to feel ourselves and the world in an integrated whole, as João-Francisco Duarte Junior reminds us. This capacity received the name of esthesia, a word derived from the Greek term aisthesis, sensitive knowledge, of everything that can be perceived by the body's senses. Professor Pamela Merrill Brekka , who writes the book'