Keywords: Photography - Psychology of art - Aisthesis of Pareidolia - Hidden face - Optical illusion - Hand-colouring of photographs

Time. 2013 - 2016. Photograph of Martin Ortega's graffiti (7 Anôes de Lata), modified by other interventions and
also by the action of time. Hand painted photography. Hand-colored photo. Watercolor on paper.  Cuiabá, MT - Fortaleza, CE. 37,5 X 29,5 cm

Window. 2009. Photograph of a window with a curtain from Peixonauta. A Brazilian-Canadian-American animated series created by Célia Catunda and Kiko Mistrorigo. Hand painted photography. Watercolor on paper. Cuiabá, MT. 42 X 27 cm

Tin Man. 2013. Hand painted photography. Watercolor on paper. Fortaleza, CE. 33 X 44 cm


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